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Visual Stress

Simply explained, Visual Stress is a sensitivity to visual patterns, particularly stripes. In some individuals this condition can cause visual perception problems which interfere with reading. The symptoms can occur despite normal vision.

The Symptoms of Visual Stress  

- Movement of the printed text  

- Blurring of print  

- Letters changing size or shape  

- Patterns in the print (sometimes described as ‘rivers’ or ‘worms’)  

- Halos of colour surrounding letters or words  

- Tiring easily whilst reading  

- Headaches or visual discomfort  

- Red, sore, watery eyes

The Signs of Visual Stress  

- Moves closer to or further away from the book  

- Moves book around on the desk  

- Fidgets continuously  

- Using finger as a marker on the page  

- Skips words or lines  

- Frequently re-reads the same line  

- Rubs eyes or blinks frequently when reading  

- Poor comprehension of reading content  

- Frustration and low self-esteem

Frustration and low self-esteem can occur in children who are underachieving due to visual stress. Early diagnosis of the problem is essential. The longer it takes to identify and remedy visual stress, the greater the loss of confidence that can result.  

15 William Street, West End, Edinburgh EH3 7NG.

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